Disfigured Utopia

I have been unaware of the thing around face

Holding my breath

Me di m’ahuoden; I have used my strength

To murder feelings and steal joy from dirty places

To build metallic idols of certain lifestyles and wooden gods of youthful dreams

Y3 kuto dabiaa ; we worship always

This cloth around my face has made the air different

I am lightheaded; I am fiction and pulp

I am a memory of when Akosua Broni first saw me as a failure

And all the times I live up to it

M’at) asaase; I have bought space

In hearts and empty places

Still, I have invented new ways to misplace them

I remain homeless

Ab)damnii nso adanfo ni ab)damfo); a madman has mad friends

Unfortunately I have reached an insanity that isolates

Mi sum) n) f33 n) shi m) ko m) ko sum) mi; I loved everything but no one, no body loved me.

I gathered tears and my shaky near-death breath(from the thing around my face)

I gathered self-told lies and lurking fears that have been the closest to me

And built

This Defaced Utopia I live in

Utopia: a place where everything is perfect

The real name of Akosua Broni is Gifty Dennis


the impaired utopian.

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