“Boy, you do am! You do all. Then you dey trend for telegram”, Doske says when Willy enters the hall, “tell us how it felt, she sweet?”

“No, she dey smell. Check like white.”

“But she be black.” The boys laugh.

“I pull some of the weed then the sex toys”, Doske whispers pulling out herbs and a dildo.

“Yo, you know I’m on suspension. Next mistake and I’m out.” Willy looks around to make sure no one is watching.

“But you have to do it, I told boys it’ll be ready this weekend for entertainment night. It must go down.”

“I can’t”, Willy whimpers.

“You don’t have a choice.”


“Ashawoo!!!!” the students in the dining room scream when Lorlor enters.

“How much?”


“We heard it is smelling. Candidiasis? Candy!”

“The tape was leaked. Have you watched it?!”

“When is the next one dropping?”

“Gbele mi,” the boys’ ang Joey B’s popular song

“This one for enter porn hub oo.”

“Boyfriend stealer. Man chaser.”

Judy walks up to her and hits her.

“Fight! Fight! Fight! Fight! Fight!” the crowd chants.

“You threw yourself at him with your big black ass. Look at you. I know you bought bleaching cream and asked for a refund when it didn’t work. Dirty black whore.” Judy shouts as she punches Lorlor who has curled up into a ball on the ground. Some of the kitchen staff hold up their phones and take videos, climbing on the benches and tables to get a good angle. Judy grips Lorlor’s pants and rips them off.

“Ouuuu.” The boys holler.

“Does it smell?”

“Is it dirty?”

“What’s the size?”

“Here, check it.” Judy grins and throws the pants to one of the boys who catches it between his thumb and forefinger.

“Nice colour but I always preferred red.” He passes it on to another boy who passes it on to another boy and the cycle continues.

“Cheap girl.”

“So will you be sleeping with next?”

“I can’t believe we let her into scripture union”, One of the girls in the group huddled together squeaks-Gina, rubbing between her thighs.

“She is really gone now”, the president decided, “hold hands, let’s pray that God will save her and touch her. Tomorrow’s service will be on repentance and forgiveness. See you all tomorrow.

“It cannot be proven to be a homicide or suicide. Victim: Lorlor Adeze. Age: 19. Time of death: just an hour ago during school entertainment. Cause of death: poison. I can only give more details after examination”

“Cheap killer on our hands then. I want a list of every student at this… A list of dorm mates and class mates. Teachers and housemasters. ASAP. I want her background, history and since this is a secondary school, gossip,” Detective Sheila says.

Interview with Miss Gloria, Lorlor’s Housemistress

Detective: marks on Lorlor’s body show some sort of physical abuse. Some of the other girls confirmed that she was being beaten by other housemates. Why did you do nothing about this?

Miss Gloria shifts uncomfortably in her seat.

Miss Gloria: I had no knowledge of such incidents.

Detective: Really? Because the marks are very visible. I have to question your competence as a housemistress and since I am running this through the headmistress of the school, I am sure you will be fired.

Miss Gloria: no please. You know how it is with these girls.

Detective: I do not

Miss Gloria: it’s only because a murder happened that the girls are talking. There was no evidence of who was beating her.

Detective: You mean apart from the videos showing it. Why are you really protecting Judy?

Miss Gloria: I’m not protecting her.

Detective: it has nothing to do with the fact that you have been sleeping around with her father?

Miss Gloria: ummm..ummm

Detective: The case has not been determined as a suicide or a murder. The circumstances suggest that the girl may have been so bullied she may have taken her life herself but investigation is showing that people had a reason to want her dead. We found a computer in the lab with picture of you and Judy’s dad. She was blackmailing you.

Miss Gloria: yes, but I would not kill her.

Detective: oh but you already did when you allowed her get beaten and stepped on. A recording of this interview will be sent to the school heads. Better pack your things ma’am.

“There is new evidence detective. Lorlor was a virgin.”

“Crap, which means she is not the girl in the video. Ran the video through experts and let’s see what we can get out of it. Let’s find out who really is the girl in the video.”

Interview with Willy, Judy’s Boyfriend.

Detective: what do you remember from that night?

Willy: which night? They have been so many good nights.

Detective: Cheeky huh? What do you remember from the night you allegedly slept with Lorlor.

Willy: Allegedly? It cannot be allegedly. It happened and it was consensual.

Detective: describe Lorlor.

Willy: Lorlor was an attention seeker. Desperate for even a glance in her direction. She acted the part of the holy girl and all but we all know now what she really is……

He keeps his hands down, constantly scratching between his thighs.

Detective; so let me guess, you think your little incident with her made her popular.

Willy: it sure did but it was not anything she didn’t like.

Detective: were you drunk?

Scratching noises from Willy fill the room in a moment of silence.

Willy: no

Detective: Really? That’s not what Doske said.

Willy: no, he wouldn’t say that. He wouldn’t.

Detective: we spoke to some of your house boys. We threatened to run a drug test and guess who squealed about you and Doske selling drugs. Doske said it was all you. As a boys’ prefect I expected him to do that. So, my guess is almost all the student population was high that night. Including you. examination proves that Lorlor is a virgin which means she is not the girl in the sextape. We also know after thorough sweeping of the school computers that someone was threatening you about exposing your little drug empire. And a few hours later, Lorlor is poisoned.

Willy: if I didn’t sleep with Lorlor, who slept with me?

Detective: are you really asking me that? Lorlor was killed with antifreeze which is very easy to make in you school’s laboratory. I would have said per your academic records you are too dumb to do that but I guess google makes you all smart so she wasn’t poisoned at the party. Meaning the killer slipped it in probably the day before. Which means it has to be someone she’s comfortable with but you’re still a suspect.

Willy: I didn’t even know who was threatening me. So, it was Lorlor?

Detective: the username suggests so. It is consistent with a certain name she uses in her diary-Agni. Then again, she might be referring to someone else.

Willy: I can’t be a suspect. I’m the hockey team captain, we have a match and I already have one strike for the disciplinary committee.

Detective: should have thought of that before getting involved in all this. Now the video has come to the attention of you school authorities. All the best with that too.

Willy: I didn’t have a choice.

Detective: we all do. You did when you let her get beaten by your girlfriend and called names. When you isolated her. I’ll get back to you later.

Interview with Judy, Willy’s girlfriend.

Judy: I didn’t do anything.

Detective: no one said you did

Judy; but I know what you are all thinking. The videos of me beating Lorlor and everything. I know the other girls snitched on me too. That I put sand in her bathing bucket and putting poop on her bed and all that. I will fight for a man but I won’t kill for one.

Detective: Lorlor was a virgin.

Judy: what? No. she was in the video.

Detective; no, she wasn’t. you assumed she was.

Judy: well I couldn’t see the face but the figure and colour was like her.

Detective: well, it wasn’t her. You hit on the wrong person. It wasn’t her.

Judy; why would she protect someone else?

Detective: no one knows for now. Did Lorlor ever retaliate during after any of your……” pranks”?

Judy: someone did. But I don’t think it was from Lorlor. Lorlor was a very secretive kind of girl. She had no close friends except the scripture union people she walks with. But she stopped going after the news and all that spread.

Judy itches underneath her abdomen and scratches her head.

Judy: It’s not like I blamed Lorlor for sleeping with Willy. I blamed him too. He doesn’t have sex with me for about a month and I catch him in on it with someone who is not even as sexy as me. May her soul rest in peace of course. I dealt with him.

Detective; but there are no videos of you beating him or bullying him.

Judy; I mean, it’s not like it was him. He was high and drunk.

Detective: and that is enough reason to beat the girl? How do you know she wasn’t too? Why is she the whore?

Judy: well I mean, well……………………….

Detective: well you made a mistake. Did you know your father is having an affair with your housemistress?

Judy: what!!

Detective: were you threatening her?

Judy: why would I do that?

Detective: don’t ask me. Why did you bully Lorlor? Who even really knows psychology anymore with all these twisted minds? Especially you teenagers.

Judy: I wouldn’t threaten her. I’ll beat her up.

“I think I have an idea on what we are looking for. I have to speak to a few more people.” Detective Sheila says to herself as she sips on a can of Blue Jeans Energy drink.

Lorlor’s mother.

Ma daugta no bi beaten just here. Them beat am before before. Kg and primary. The small small pikin no wan’ play with am cause them fear to turn black. Ma Lorlor black. They no like. They call her charcoal. They no like say her mama bi market woman. them kill ma baby. It bi the boy. I see the picture.

Interview with the S.U group.

 Detective: I gather Lorlor was part of this group?

President: yes, but after the sextapes and rumours came out, we couldn’t take her in

Detective; let me guess, because you’re too holy for us all?

President; actually no, we would have taken her back even if she murdered someone. Pardon the pun.

Detective; go ahead.

President: but after it happened, she changed.

Detective: how?

Detective: she become very closed. Even more than usual. Absorbed with something. She wouldn’t let any of us near. So Gina suggested we give her some space.

Detective: which of you is Gina?

Gina: that’s me.

Detective: okay. So why did you decide to give her space?

Gina: because most of the time when a girl become closed, they just need to think and grow in their own space?

Gina keeps her fingers between her legs, head down.

Detective: really? Not reached out to and helped? What did you people do when she was being bullied?

President: we took her in and became her friends.

Detective: but you did nothing to stop it.  President, what is your name?

President: I’m Peter.

Detective: what was your relationship with Lorlor like.

President: we were great. She talks to me at times, shared a few secrets.

Detective; anything that may give insight on this case?

President: yes, before she went distant, she mentioned that she had discovered someone, new. She never mentioned who but I think it is one of Judy’s close friends in her squad. That group has an inner group. She might have been talking about one of them.

Detective: Thank you.

“Detective the tech team had confirmed that Lorlor was the one blackmailing both her housemistress and Willy as well as Doske. The boys also confirmed that Doske, the head boy used his position to make Lorlor pay for personal grievances. She is reported to have done several punishments for no apparent crime. There is also one more person that was being threatened by Lorlor but we have no idea.”

“And the girl in the video?”

“We are beginning to believe that she was someone hired to do this because the body in the tape was hidden by the boy, all the girls have their hair cropped.”

“Really?” the detective smirks, opening another can of Blue Jeans.

“Gina, you are under arrest for the murder of Lorlor?”

“What?”, the crowd screams along with Gina.

“You were the one in the video. I can tell by the hands always near your privates. In the interview you, Willy and Judy were itching your private. STDs. You’re the one who was in the video. The one Lorlor had discovered. Angi interchanged is Gina. When everyone took it for Lorlor you let it ride on but she threatened to expose other parts of the video she claimed to have. Why did you have to wait for Willy to be high though?”

“We were seeing each other on and off earlier this year. He was getting tired of me but I loved him so much. He was avoiding me. Lorlor took the sextape video to get back at Judy for being mean to her because of being Lorlor and well it backfired. To keep her quiet, I told her about her housemistress’ dirty game with Judy’s father and that Doske, the school head boy sells drugs and sex toys. But then she had to bring Willy into it and started blackmailing me. I had to.”

“Shame on you for ending a life and soul. You made her last years terrible. All of you. her housemistress has been fired and Doske will also be replaced as the school head. Lorlor was guilty of blackmail but only to get fairness she deserved. Shame on everyone who took part or stood by. Gina, you have the right to remain silent, anything you say or do can be used against you in the court of law.

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