Sugar Daddy

It’s not everyday you see a sixty-something year old man getting a tattoo of a name of his back. It’s these legon girls; they won’t let him rest.

You see, in secondary school, Reginald and his gang all swore to never get married. What was the point of eating one flavour when there are plenty others? Well, that is what his best friend Ben had heard his father say to his friends when his mother wasn’t around. So, why even bother?

When Reginald left secondary school, all that the girls in his batch were concerned about was growing their 4c hair and social media accounts. Then the girls got to university and decided they might as well have the time of their lives before they get cooped up in jobs with unbearable children. So, the whole of his university years was filled with fun.

In his mid-twenties, all the girls were looking for work. Some started their businesses; others went into good jobs and the rest. Well, the rest started looking for men who could afford them. So, half of the girls were successful women, looking for successful men which Reginald was not yet. The other half also wanted successful men, which again, Reginald couldn’t afford to be yet.

From thirty to now, the women had turned desperate, pressured by family and friends getting married. But for Reginald, the smell of desperation was a turnoff. So, he started looking at the younger girls. That is how it all started. These younger girls were quite the roller-coaster. Reginald dealt with so many emotions and he wished it wasn’t so. To be honest, sixty is lonely and he had grown quite found of Amira, the girl with him in the tattoo parlour. But he thinks she has the same mindset as him when he was younger. He doubts she wants marriage.

So, Reginald is sixty something with one sports car, a vintage Mercedes and trying desperately to keep Amira in his life. Late night visits to campus, the back seat of his Mercedes full of gifts. It’s the only thing he can really give these days; he’s not quite as good in bed. These legon girls with their preferences, it’s not easy to keep up.

Amira just left the room of her boyfriend; 3076 Nelson Hall. She picks up Reginald’s call. He’s here to pick her up for a night beach party. She packs a tiny piece of bikini and one dress. It’s going to be a long night.

Published by Yvery Anthony

Yvery Rosemary Anthony is what earthlings call me. I breathe Ghana. Everything is between me and the secrets behind my work.

2 thoughts on “Sugar Daddy

  1. This writing style ain’t bad….it engages the reader in that he or she can draw out conclusion….i like the cliff hanger….’a very long night indeed 😪’


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